Izzy’s Blog

Another friend blog! This time from my beautiful friend Izzy. Sorry it has taken me so long to upload this and sorry for the short comment but just read on!

Having a best friend without hair. Honestly, it’s no different to having a best friend with hair. I’m Izzy, I’ve known Heather for around 6 years now and she’s amazing! Throughout that time, I’ve been the best friend and ‘bodyguard’. It’s very occasional for someone to stare or even comment on the fact that Heather wears a hat or a headscarf, but when they do, I’m straight by her side. Despite having Alopecia or ED, which ever you want to call it, Heather is definitely the most confident person I know. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, she is her own person and I really admire that. She can easily take care of herself, but I can’t help but help her, even if she tells me not to! From my experience with Heather, Alopecia or any other form of hair loss, does not control your life. Personally, I am not diagnosed with anything that changes my appearance. But being friends with someone who does, has really opened my eyes. I’ve learnt that you can’t judge on what you see or use stereotypes to manipulate your opinions. Also, by knowing Heather, I’ve become more confident about myself, because I keep thinking that if she can, I can.


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