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After 16 years without ever having a hair any longer than a couple of inches and having to deal with problems that most people will never have to consider (like how to stand in the wind without it blowing your wig off or how to do a forward roll without your bald head being exposed) a few days ago I decided to look up about what charities and support there was on the internet for people who, like me, suffer from alopecia. However, I was extremely disappointed to find that there was very little. After this discovery I chose to search the charities and websites that I could find and it suddenly became apparent to me that most of these organisations specialised in one particular form of alopecia (most commonly alopecia areata). That’s when I realised that there needed to be more awareness of hair loss in general. Many people suffer from a lack of hair and I believe that it shouldn’t matter what condition you have there should just be support and awareness for people who need it. That’s what my blogs are going to be about; my life and how I have coped without any hair for the past 16 years.


One thought on “Blog Introduction

  1. Hello!

    I am currently building a body of work/research in relation to alopecia and its effects on the sufferer.

    The project is inspired by my own mother who has suffered serious hair loss, and after witnessing the lack of information available, I want to create a greater awareness both in the community and online.

    As a photography student studying at Falmouth University the work will most likely take on the form of a series of portraits. With the intention to heighten the individual’s confidence.

    If you/or anyone you know would like to get involved in the project – perhaps being in the photos themselves. Or just being able to chat with me about their experiences? Then that would be great.

    Best Wishes,

    Emily Gardner
    BA Photography
    Falmouth University


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