Happy New Year!

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas last week and are enjoying the festive season.

Now, it’s nearly 2015 and around ¾ of us will be making new years resolutions but unfortunately around 80% of us will also fail. So this year when I chose to make mine I thought I’d spend a bit of time thinking about them (because, be honest, how many of you have chosen resolutions like loose weight, stop smoking, save money etc and realised how unrealistic they are?) Now, I don’t believe that 80% of us will fail because we can’t do it, I think that we fail because our goals aren’t realistic. We choose resolutions like “get fit” rather than “go to the gym twice a week rather than once”.

To do this I looked at things that went well in 2014 and how I could improve those things. For example, 5 good things (based around my ED):

  • I went out in public without anything on my head for the first time (January 2014)
  • I let my Dad (http://nickwaltonphotography.co.uk/) publish a photo of me that’s about my condition (January 2014)

be true to who you are final

  • After I realised that people stare, I died my hair bright red so at least they had something to stare at (March 2014)


  • I did a no make-up selfie without my headscarf on (the first time I uploaded a picture without it on) (March 2014)

no make xxxaup

  • I started this blog (September 2014)

After I had made this list, I had to decide how I could improve 2015 and continue to gain confidence. So I thought about things I would like to do:

  • Have enough confidence to not wear my headscarf
  • Create more awareness for my condition

So to help me do this I decided my new year resolutions would be:

  • Continue to build my blog
  • Let my dad publicise more pictures of me
  • Stop wearing my headscarf when I can

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a happy new year.