Choices Choices

Growing up, I really struggled to find what I really wanted and to know how to cope with my lack of hair. My parents, family and everyone around me always gave me this endless list of options; trying to be as supportive as possible. I could have wigs, hats, headscarves; I could wear a swimming hat, die my hair (WHATEVER I wanted). However, I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know what was best.

I think it was when I reached my early teens that I started to build confidence (I mean, I was NEVER a shy child, as my parents constantly remind me, but it was at this stage that I became confident about my hair and wanted to show off what I had). I began to live my life on the belief that I should be more confident than wigs; that I should be able to be proud of myself the way that I am, with the amount of hair that I have. I always thought that wigs were like a mask, there to cover you up, to hide you’re imperfections. I didn’t want to feel that I should have to cover myself up and hide from the real me. I was scared that relying on wigs would rob me of my confidence and turn me into someone that I wasn’t.

But I was wrong.

I recently heard about another girl’s story, someone completely different to me; she lost her hair when she was a child. She just lost patches which gradually grew bigger and bigger. At first, she just left it and wore headscarves etc. However, as it got worse, she began to get bullied and so lost all her confidence. Then she found wigs. For her, wigs gave her back her confidence and allowed her to enjoy life a lot more.

So what I’m trying to say is that her story taught me a lot! One thing that I’ve mentioned in this post a lot is confidence because what her story taught me is that confidence is exactly what you need. I suppose I always knew this deep down because I only ever wanted to get rid of my wigs to give me confidence. However, before I heard this story, I always thought that I wanted to get rid of my wigs because I thought that by wearing a wig I was just covering myself up and being someone that I wasn’t.

In reality, the only thing that is important is feeling confident, being able to be happy with life, feeling proud of the person you are and feeling comfortable with yourself.